Urban Cloudz Juice is a premium e-liquid manufacturer and supplier of high quality concentrates based in Bristol, UK. Our mission is to provide the finest and most premium e-juice on the market without the premium price tag.


We have been mixing juice since 2010, and throughout the past 7 years have created and cultivated 27 flavors that provide the most flawless vaping experience imaginable. All of our delightful juice is mixed in a clean and sterile environment to ensure the highest safety standards and the most consistent product.


We continuously listen to our customers and work tirelessly to provide the flavors and products that they request. Several of our flavors have been formed based off our customers’ feedback, and as a result we continue to expand our offering. We are a relatively new company, and although we have enjoyed great success over recent months, we are committed to continue improving and expanding our range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers.